Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gold for Team FE

During Fiona's colour class on Saturday she talked about an article she wrote for Twist Collective about purple. Here is the link to the article...

Fiona also included some pictures she took at Camp.

There seems to be a few pictures from the Thursday evening game. I guess Fiona wants me to talk about the game and really wants me to tell everyone who the winner was.

The Campers were divided up into three teams-BC (Beth Casey), JB (Josh Bennett) and FE (Fiona Ellis).

We played Knit or Knowledge. There were parts of the game when the Campers had to work with yarn and needles and there were other parts where they had to answer knitting related questions.

For much of the evening Team JB was in the lead but at the end Team FE pulled out the win. This is a big deal because Team FE hasn't won in a few years.

For the rest of the weekend Fiona made sure that everyone remembered which team won.

They look so innocent. :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

I Miss Camp!

Saturday afternoon looking
out over the lake from
Beth's dyeing class.
Thank you to everyone who made Camp an amazing weekend.

-our teachers Josh, Beth and Fiona
-the students
-Beth and Cathy for all their help
-my suppliers for their donations

Over the next few weeks I will share pictures that I took. I need a couple of days to go through them and figure out which I can share and which will be used for blackmail. :) If you have pictures you would like to share, please email them to me.

Josh and Beth made it home safely. I hope your trip home went well as well.

I have not heard from Betty Lou yet. I sent an email this morning and hope to have news for you soon.

It was a tough day at my house. No one had the meals ready for me. I had to make my own bed. There was a lot of noise-not quiet like being at the lake. I miss Camp already.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pack a Sweater or Two

I looked up the weather forecast for the weekend. Yes, it does say rain for Friday. Hopefully it will be first thing in the morning and we will have a nice afternoon.

I'm excited that we are going to have sweater weather!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last Minute Details

Camp is almost here!!

Beth and I just finished the door prizes. My suppliers sent some really good stuff. There was a couple of things (okay lots) that I wanted but Beth wouldn't let me take them. :(

There are a few things that I forgot to mention
  • when checking in at Bayview-Wildwood you will be asked to put down a room deposit of $50 (credit card or cash). This is for incidentals that might be charged to your room-drinks at dinner, long distance phone calls... When you check out this will be returned to you if there were no charges to your room
  • for those taking Beth's dying classes-don't forget there is a $25 fee for class. Cash would be appreciated and US dollars would be even better.
  • we will be set up to take Visa and MasterCard during the weekend. Debit should be available but I don't want to make any promises until we get there
  • if you need anything for your classes like needles or yarn please contact me before Wednesday so I can get it packed and bring it with us
7 more sleeps. See you soon!

Door Prizes and Goodie Bags

Our great suppliers are very generous with Door Prizes and Goodie Bags for the weekend.

Here is a list of those who have sent yarn, needles, books, kits, bags....

I will keep updating as more arrive. I want to make sure everyone gets a shout out for their generosity.

  • Namaste
  • madelinetosh
  • Lantern Moon
  • Berroco
  • Blue Sky Alpacas
  • Spud and Chloe
  • Classic Elite
  • Mountain Colors
  • Skacel Canada (addi turbo needles)
  • Twist Collective
  • Gemini Fibres
  • Naturally Yarns NZ
  • Rowan
  • Westminster Fibers
  • Lorna's Laces 
  • Soak
  • Old Mill Knitting

THANK YOU to everyone for your generous gifts

Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Agenda

We are going to keep you busy all weekend. You might want to catch up on your sleep before you come :)

Thursday September 20

4:00-6:00pm    Registration in Crusader Lounge
6:00pm    Dinner in Echo's Dining Lounge
8:00pm    Meet in Cedar Room 

Friday September 21

8:00am    Breakfast in Echo's Dining Lounge for those registered for Option #1
8:00-9:00am    Registration in Crusader Lounge for those registered for Option #2
9:00-11:45am    Morning session of classes.
12:00pm    Lunch in Echo's Dining Lounge  
1:00pm    Free time. Knit by the Lake. Pull up a chair in the Cedar Room. Take a nap.
6:00pm    Dinner in Echo's Dining Lounge
8:00pm    Fashion Show in Cedar Room 

Saturday September 22

8:00am    Breakfast in Echo's Dining Lounge
9:00-11:45am    Morning session of classes
12:00pm    Lunch in Echo's Dining Lounge
1:30-4:15pm    Afternoon session of classes
6:00pm    Dinner in Echo's Dining Lounge
8:00pm    Student Fashion Show in Cedar Room 

Sunday September 23

8:00am    Breakfast in Echo's Dining Lounge
9:00-11:45am    Classes
12:00pm    You must be checked out of your room
12:00pm    Lunch in Echo's Dining Lounge