Friday, February 12, 2016

Saturday morning with Sally

First Choices
No matter how advanced or experienced we are, we run the risk of making a garment that looks awful. Why? We make decisions in the first 20 minutes that have everything to do with the success or failure of a project. What are those decisions? Yarn, color, stitch pattern, silhouette.

This workshop gives diagnostic skills to look at these decisions. And it then follows with basic pattern drafting for the set-in sleeve--our most universally attractive style. So even if you never design your own knitting, you'll have the tools to alter what you do knit to produce the best possible result.

From Sally
The class includes the drafting of a set-in sleeve, which I make simpler than anyone believes possible! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

So We Call it Camp, But It’s Not Really Like Camp

Knitting Camp is nothing like the camp you attended as a kid. At Knitting Camp you get to choose your day’s activities. Go to class, sleep in, take a hike - totally up to you. Super comfy accommodations with someone else making your bed. And the food is incredible and seemingly endless. The one way it is like camp though, is that you will make great new friends who you will look forward to seeing year after year. Come as a group, a couple (non-knitting partners love camp too!) or on your own. Don’t worry you’ll all be included in the fun.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thumbs Up For Mittens

Fiona's Saturday afternoon class looks like fun.

In the 1st part of this workshop we will look at mitten construction; including ways that the thumb gusset & the top of the mitten can be worked. Fiona will review a variety of increases and decreases – knowledge that you will be able to apply to other types of projects. But that’s only the beginning….

In the 2nd part of the class you will use the swatch worked in “Creating Cables” (or another pattern swatch you may like to bring) as a springboard to devise creative ways of incorporating the patterning into a mitten of your own design.

This workshop is geared towards knitters who have a little experience right up to those who are very adventurous

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Friday's Classes

The brochure is almost finished but I wanted to start sharing the amazing workshops with you. Campers are going to have a hard time choosing. They look great. Here are the classes for Friday morning.

Two Colours - Two Hands

Two color stranded is one of knitting’s most glorious traditions. This workshop explores the techniques we need to make beautiful fabrics with heavy emphasis on alternative methods of using your hands (and even your neck) to manage the yarn.

Walk on the Wildwood Side

This year Fiona is offering something very new for camp when she becomes your very own camp counselor. This workshop will be centered on finding & exploring your own unique creativity, using the wonderful surroundings at camp. 

After a short introduction on sourcing material, you will be set free in the camp to forage for your own inspiration; cataloguing your ideas in sketches, descriptions, colour stories, photographs and swatches.  Using special one-on-one and small group sessions with Fiona, you will learn how to turn your inspiration into new knitted creations.

At the end of the day the class will reconvene to share their ideas and discuss what they have learned.