Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blast from the Past

I'm working on the brochure for Knitting Camp 2014 and needed some pictures. Here are a few from 2013 that didn't get posted.

This will bring back memories (not necessarily good) to those who took Josh's class. That darn cast on! I think a couple of campers are still having nightmares about this.
Josh's Thursday night team were pretty proud of themselves. Unfortunately they got beat by Linda and Heather's teams.
Fiona's students - do they look confused?
I miss Camp. Watch your inbox for information on 2014.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thank You Cards

The Thank You Cards for Camp are in the mail.

These were made for us by Kelli at Little Big Words. Take a look at her website-she does awesome work.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Camp 2014

I'm just finishing the last few details for Camp 2013 (thank you cards should be done today) and then it's time to start on 2014. Our instructors will be Kate Atherley and Sally Melville. We are very excited to have these ladies joining us.

Kate has taught many times in the store for us (as well as at yarn stores and events throughout North America) and anyone who has taken a class will tell you that she is an amazing teacher. She is upbeat and positive. Kate has written two books, has patterns for sale on Ravelry and is teaching classes through Craftsy.

Visit Kate's website...

Sally - I don't have enough room to write everything about Sally. She has been a fixture in the knitting community in North America for many years. Sally is one of the founding members of the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' Guild. She has taught for me at different events over the years and is one of the most professional teachers you will ever meet. Sally has written many knitting books (both technique and for garments) including The Knitting Experience - The Knit Stitch, The Purl Stitch and Colour. Three of the best knitting books you will find on the market.

Visit Sally's website...

One thing that is very important when we choose instructors is that they are outgoing and fun. Classes are important but if they can't handle the game on Thursday night then we don't invite them. If you haven't been to Camp this might not make sense to you but Campers will totally understand.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Pictures from Susan

Susan just emailed me some great pictures from Camp

Anne showing off her current project from Rowan #54

Candice's naughty bunnies.
Fiona busy in class.
My sister Beth hard at work.
Beth dying yarn.

Josh modelling Beth's knitting projects.

Sitting by the lake.

Friday, September 20, 2013

We're having fun

It's the first full day of Camp.

Game night was a lot of fun. The newbies weren't too sure at first but I think they had fun.

Classes are in session and I'm quickly posting from my iPad.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weather Report

Here is the weekend weather report. It seems to be changing hourly but it looks like we will need umbrellas.

Monday, September 16, 2013

It's Here

Sparrow Lake arrived today. I'm seriously considering taking it all home for myself.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sparrow Lake Part 2

Fiona and Beth have rolled out the barrel for Camp. Here are some better pictures of the mittens.

If you want to get started then please bring 3.5mm double pointed needles or 3.5mm 100cm circular to magic loop.

At the Knitters' Fair yesterday I was asked if there is Wi Fi at Bayview-Wildwood. Yes, there is Wi Fi in the main building and in our class room. Some guest rooms have it and some don't.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sparrow Lake

Surprise. Fiona has a new mitten pattern. Campers will be the first to see (and be able to purchase) the pattern.

From Fiona
They are called Sparrow Lake (after the lake at camp). The cables mirror images for each mitten and are based on what I will be teaching in the design with I-cords class.
I've asked Fiona to let me know the needle size. Just in case you want to start at Camp :)

They are knit in Sportmate from Lorna Lace's - a special colour called Sparrow Lake. Purple/blue and teal - totally my colours. Beth has dyed the yarn and it will be here in time for Camp.

Sportmate contains 30% Outlast Viscose. How does Outlast work?
Outlast technology, originally developed for NASA, utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. When you begin to get too warm, the Outlast technology will absorb and store excess heat radiating from the skin to reduce overheating and help prevent perspiration. When you begin to cool down, the stored heat is released, reducing chilling. By proactively managing heat, you regulate temperature so your customers feel not too hot, not too cold but "just right."
I can't wait to see them!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Yarn Tasting

We are happy to announce that Heather, the sales manager for Classic Elite Yarns, will be with us for the weekend. On Friday afternoon Heather will be hosting a yarn tasting in the Cedar Room. Bring your needles and play with the amazing fibers of Classic Elite.

Here is a partial list of the yarns that Heather is bringing.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More colour suggestions

Still needing colour inspiration for Beth's Yarn Dying 101 and 102?

Take a look at Pantone

Fall 2013 colour forecast...

Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Agenda

Thursday September 19
4:00-6:00pm    Registration in Crusader Lounge
6:00pm    Dinner in Echo's Dining Lounge
8:00pm    Meet in Cedar Room 

Friday September 20
8:00am    Breakfast in Echo's Dining Lounge for those registered for Option #1
8:00-9:00am    Registration in Crusader Lounge for those registered for Option #2
9:00-11:45am    Morning session of classes.  
12:00pm    Lunch in Echo's Dining Lounge    
1:00pm    Free time. Knit by the Lake. Pull up a chair in the Cedar Room. Take a nap.
4:00-5:30pm    Registration in Crusader Lounge for those registered for Option #3  
6:00pm    Dinner in Echo's Dining Lounge
8:00pm    Fashion Show in Cedar Room 

Saturday September 21
8:00am    Breakfast in Echo's Dining Lounge
9:00-11:45am    Morning session of classes
12:00pm    Lunch in Echo's Dining Lounge
1:30-4:15pm    Afternoon session of classes
6:00pm    Dinner in Echo's Dining Lounge
8:00pm    Student Fashion Show in Cedar Room 

Sunday September 22
8:00am    Breakfast in Echo's Dining Lounge
9:00-11:45am    Classes
12:00pm    You must be checked out of your room
12:00pm    Lunch in Echo's Dining Lounge

Friday, August 23, 2013


Donations for goodie bags and door prizes are starting to arrive at the store. Yesterday we received some happy boxes from Rowan and their North American distributor Westminster Fibers.

Milas. We have a kit for one lucky camper.
Knit this mens v neck sweater from Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 54, a design by Josh Bennett using the gorgeous yarn Colourspun (wool and mohair). With cable panel detail, set in sleeves and collar, this knitting pattern is suitable for the average knitter.

Thank you Rowan for your generous donations.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Requirements List and Homework

Your 'to bring' list

Fiona's Classes
Friday-Creative Couture Necklines
  1. 1-2 part balls of contrast coloured medium weight yarn (one light in colour) and appropriate needles
  2. cable needle
  3. stitch holder
  4. graph paper
Saturday morning-Designing Your Own Cables (Using Existing Patterns)
  1. 1 part ball of light coloured medium weight yarn and appropriate needles
  2. cable needle
  3. graph paper
  4. Stitch dictionary books (optional) 
Saturday afternoon-Designing Your Own Cables (Using I-Cord)
  1. 1 part ball of light coloured medium weight yarn and appropriate needles
  2. cable needle
  3. graph paper
  4. pins
  5. a surface to stick pins into-polystyrene, cardboard-doesn't have to be fancy
Sunday-Finishing With Finesse
  1. 2 part balls (a few yards each) of medium weight yarns in different colours
  2. 3 yarn appropriate needles (a pair plus 1)
  3. pair of double pointed needles (same size as the other pair)
  4. yarn appropriate crochet hook 
  5. blunt end sewing needle
Josh's Classes

Friday and Saturday morning
Tips and Tricks: Making your garment look more professional
  1. Calculator
  2. Tape Measure
  3. 1 ball of solid worsted weight cotton
  4. 1 ball of solid worsted weight wool
  5. needles that work with the yarn (4mm, 4.5mm and 5mm)
Saturday afternoon
Custom Knitting
  1. Calculator
  2. Tape Measure
  3. 1 ball of solid colour worsted weight cotton
  4. 1 ball of solid colour worsted weight wool
  5. needles that work with the yarn (4mm, 4.5mm and 5mm)
  6. Inspirational Tear Sheets (photos, garments, anything that inspires you) 
Sunday morning
  1. Inspirational tear sheets (photos, pictures, garments, yarn, anything that inspires you)
  2. Pencil and eraser.  
Beth's Classes

You are going to be dying yarn. 
Please do not wear any good clothing-you could end up with dye on you.
We will be working outdoors so please bring appropriate clothes-a sweat shirt might be a good idea.  

Friday and Saturday
Yarn Dying 101 and Indigo

There is a class fee of $25 for each class you take with Beth. If you could bring cash (US would be amazing) to the class it would be appreciated. There will be extra skeins if you choose to do more than one skein. Extra skeins will be $20 each.

Yarn Dying 102

There is a class fee for the
$20 for the first skein of Haymarket and $15 for additional skeins
$25 for the first skein of Solemate or Shepherd Sock and $20 for additional skeins

If you can think about which yarn you might like to dye and let us know. We want to make sure that Beth sends enough skeins for everyone.


Fiona's Classes
Friday-Creative Couture Necklines
  1. Cast on 30 sts and work 2 rows in seed st.
Saturday afternoon-Designing Your Own Cables (Using I-Cord)
  1. length of I-cord approximately 4 feet in length
Sunday-Finishing with Finesse
  1. 2 swatches, 4"x4", done in stocking stitch, left on the needles or a stitch holder

Beth's Classes
Start thinking about colour combinations.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yarn Dying

An email just went out to those who are registered for Camp with a list of homework and what to bring.  We've asked those taking yarn dying with Beth to start thinking about colour combinations.

I love looking at Design Seeds. From Jessica
i created the concept of Design Seeds in May of 2009 as a way to bring a unique approach to design blogging through my passion for color.
If you need to find colour combinations for anything (I used it when I was painting my house) then take a look at her website. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fashion Show

We hold a Fashion Show on Friday night at Camp. I've started working on the garment list for the 2013 edition. This year could be the biggest one yet. I'm up to 45 garments and that doesn't include garments our suppliers will be sending. The models are going to be tired!

I don't have any pictures from last year's show (I think we need to hire a photographer or bribe someone with yarn to take pictures) but I've dug up some from 2010.

The models walk through the room and the attendees get to touch and feel the garments. All knitters like to feel how a yarn knits up :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Answers to your questions

There are a couple of questions that we frequently hear about Camp. 
The first is “I don’t have anyone to go with”. Don’t worry. You can book a double room and we will match you with a room mate. There will be two separate bedrooms and a shared bathroom. You will quickly meet other Campers in class and at meals. In the dining room we eat at long tables so you won’t be in a corner eating by yourself. The instructors sit at different tables every meal so you will definitely have Josh, Fiona and Beth time if you want it. Knitters are a friendly bunch and you won’t be by yourself for very long.
The other is ”I’m not a good enough knitter to come.” If you can knit, purl, cast on and cast off then we have classes for you. Yarn dying, which is the funnest class of all, doesn’t require any knowledge of knitting. Josh’s class sound intimidating but if you have the basic skills then you can participate in his courses. The instructors are awesome and patient. Don’t let this hold you back from coming

Thursday, May 30, 2013


We've made two changes to the classes available at Camp.

Josh's Friday morning class is now
Tips & Tricks: Making Your Garment Look More Professional

In this class you will learn all Josh's tips and tricks to making your garment look more professional. He will demonstrate different cast on methods, increases, decreases, body shaping, and other special techniques that he uses when designing for himself and other fashion designers.
Beth's Saturday morning class is now
Yarn Dying 101

Ever wonder how those beautiful hand-dyed yarns are created? Beth will walk you through the Lorna's Lacescreative process and then share some of her tips and tricks for dyeing yarn in this hands-on class. You'll get a chance to design your very own colourway and take home the yarn you dyed yourself!
CLASS FEE: $25 for a skein of undyed sock yarn and dyes

If you have registered for Camp, please watch your inbox because I've sent you an email about this. If you want to change things around, no problem. Just call or email me.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Classes are Filling

I've been working on Camp this morning and started counting the number of students registered for each class. WOW. A few classes are almost full.

Fiona's Friday morning class has room for two more students.

The necklines on most commercially made garments are neatened by a simple rib pattern without any regard for the patterning on the rest of the garment.
Fiona designs her garments to include details such as running the pattern seamlessly into or around the neckline. This elevates the project to a beautiful couture finished piece. In this class she will show you how to include these details in your own projects and even make the neckline the main feature of the garment. 

Josh's Saturday morning class has room for two more students

In this class you will learn all Josh's tips and tricks to making your garment look more professional. He will demonstrate different cast on methods, increases, decreases, body shaping, and other special techniques that he uses when designing for himself and other fashion designers. 

You can see the full Camp brochure on our website.

Don't be disappointed. Get your registration in soon.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Show and Tell

Saturday evening is a fun night where students get to show off some of their knitting.

We ask students to bring in one or two projects that they have finished over the past year. If it was something they bought at a previous Camp or a door prize from past years all the better.

Sister Beth is very excited about Saturday night. She is already packing a bag (closer to a suitcase) of her knitting to show off. Yes, Beth is knitting now.

Occasionally there is entertainment on Saturday evening.
Door prizes are also given out on Saturday evening. My suppliers are very generous with what they give. Everyone who comes to Camp goes home with gifts. Knitting bags, yarn, kits, books, needles, needle cases.....

Friday, May 3, 2013

Thursday Night at Camp

We schedule Thursday evening as a fun night where everyone gets to meet. It breaks the ice for the newbies. Returnees have a chance to catch up with each other. Instructors get to meet the 'kids' (as Josh refers to them) before classes start on Friday morning.

There is always some sort of game with the instructors acting as captains of the teams.
The games are somehow yarn related and meant to get lots of laughs.

It's very serious. :) The team captains do not want to lose.

What happens at Camp stays at Camp unless someone is walking around with a camera. :)