Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sunday Morning with Sally

We still have room for a few more Campers.

Sally's Sunday morning class looks like a great way to finish the weekend
Sally was once asked what was the most common mistake knitters make, and the words that flew out of her mouth surprised her. So she started asking knitters the same question. Their answers were never “dropped stitches, wrong colour, bad seams”—all the things we address in technique classes. Their answers addressed more serious issues, which were various and valid.

This workshop will discuss the answers Sally's heard over the years—and students may use their own swatches, patterns, and garments to see solutions to each of these "mistakes."

The workshop will then end with a description of her answer, her reasons for that answer, and the many ways we have to avoid this all-too-common mistake that stands between us and successful garments.
Download the brochure and join the fun...