Saturday, January 4, 2014

Addendum 1

If you received the email this week about Camp 2014, please disregard the brochure. We're changing up the classes. My mistake. I tried to finish the brochure on New Years Day and didn't want to bother Sally and Kate.

The new brochure will be coming out later this week and I will email it to you.

Sally's classes

Friday morning
A knitter who spends the time and energy to make her own clothes should be rewarded with a result that makes her happy and proud. It should fit, it should flatter, and there should be no mystery as to how this happened. But sadly, and too often, this is not the result. Why? Because the knitter follows the directions without questioning them OR makes the right garment but wears it with the wrong thing.

There are a few simple rules to follow to achieve a personalized fit and to wear the garment with something flattering. This workshop covers these with very visible and very convincing work done with your measurements, your silhouette, and your wardrobe references.

Saturday - all day
MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR YARN COLLECTION - 6 hour class – all day Saturday 
This workshop shows knitters how to use, manage and replenish a yarn collection! Participants will learn ways to use up bits of this and that plus those 4-6 balls of something heretofore unusable. They will also learn that they may now buy one ball of anything that appeals to them, knowing they will use it well. The elegance of the resulting fabrics, plus the fact that they look nothing like odd-ball knitting, comes as a very exciting discovery to participants in this workshop. 
Sunday morning
Two colour stranded is one of knitting’s most glorious traditions. This workshop explores the techniques we need to make beautiful fabrics with heavy emphasis on alternative methods of using your hands (and even your neck) to manage the yarn.

Kate's classes

Friday morning
Learn how to make toe-up socks on double-pointed needles. We teach you everything you need to know to work toe-up – from casting on for the toe, to working in the round to turning the heel to shaping the toe. Once you’ve mastered the mini, we get you started on your first full-size sock. 
Saturday morning
The biggest challenge for many knitters when choosing a pattern is knowing which size to make. This class will show you how to decide – and set you well along the way to a successful and flattering sweater project. We explain how to read sizing tables and schematics. We’ll show you how to measure yourself. And most importantly, we’ll explain garment fit, including demystifying terms like “negative ease” – and show you how to tweak it so it looks perfect on you.
Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning are still being discussed.

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